I am Vidit,
and very Vidit at that.


I am a brand designer and hand-letterer from India who just wants to make good logos and strategy that hit the mark.

As a self-proclaimed glutton for content and information,  I observe and read about experiences, perspectives and theories.
As a graphic designer and hand-letterer, I focus my expertise in the field of Branding where I bring the ideologies and missions of brand owners alive. 

I have experience working with clients from various sectors and from various parts of the world. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the twinkle in the eyes of my clients when their vision materializes into a visual design.

The moments where I am not swimming in the ocean of information and design I like to let music drown me and let time slip through.

Ready to work with me or have some questions?

Ready to work with me or have some questions?

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